About Me

I received a medical degree from Centro Universitario de Occidente, Quetzaltenango (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala) in 1999 and a PhD degree in Neuroscience from Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain, in 2003.

Currently, I am an Associate Professor in Anesthesiology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston Salem, NC (U.S.). The Romero-Sandoval laboratory explores neuroimmune interactions in surgical and neuropathic pain and neuropathies induced by diabetes or chemotherapy. The current major focus of this lab is placed on phenotypic changes in immune cells governed by endoplasmic reticulum or mitochondria function and dysfunction. Additionally, I study the endocannabinoid system in the context of pain and how the cannabis market in the U.S. is shaped and could affect cannabis user patients. The Romero-Sandoval laboratory uses highly translatable approaches, i.e. nanotechnology for cell-directed gene therapies, functional assays using primary human cells, clinical data, and marketing practices analysis.