Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and Stroke

Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and stroke are highly debilitating and common neurological disorders that have a significant impact on quality of life. Virtually everyone has direct contact with at least one person afflicted with one of these disorders. Our group of clinicians, clinician-researchers, and basic science researchers approach these topics using a variety of comprehensive techniques to better understand their underlying etiology and mechanisms of action in order to design better prognostic/diagnostic tools and pioneer new therapeutic interventions. We utilize state-of-the art tools such as fMRI, MEG, DSI, and optogenetics in a variety of empirical models to explore both basic science and translational aspects.

Associated Faculty

+ indicates accepting MS students, * indicates accepting PhD students

Dwayne W. Godwin
Research Interests: Epilepsy, Alcohol, Memory, MEG 

Carol A. Shively+*
Research Interests: Social stress effects on disease susceptibility including depression, coronary artery atherosclerosis, visceral obesity and metabolic syndrome using nonhuman primate models

Tao Ma+*
Research Interests: Alheimer's, Aging

Shannon Macauley-Rambach
Research Interests: Analytical approaches to molecular and cellular synthesis, structure and function, Genetics and gene regulation, Cell communications, Organ systems, Pathophysiology

Samuel Lockhart+* 
Research Interests: Aging; tau Proteins; Positron-Emission Tomography; Cognition

Kimberly Francis Raab-Graham*
Research Interests: Local protein synthesis, depression, autism, alcohol use disorder, Alzheimer's disease, ion channels, GABAB receptors, mTORC1, calcium imaging, proteomics

Timothy Michael Hughes
Research Interests: Epidemiology and prevention

Cheryl D. Bushnell
Research Interests: Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke), Prevention and Treatment of Stroke and other Cerebrovascular Diseases, Women’s Health

Heidi Marie Munger Clary 
Research Interests: Psychosocial comorbidity in epilepsy and cognitive and psychiatric outcomes in epilepsy surgery

John A. Wilson Jr. 
Research Interests: Trigeminal neuralgia, stroke, acoustic neuroma

Debra I. Diz 
Research Interests: Baroreflex; peptide fragments; angiotensin I; angiotensin II; renin-angiotensin system 

Hossam Abdelnaby Shaltout 
Research Interests: Stroke, Hypertension, Neurovasculature

Charles H. Tegeler IV 
Research Interests: Stroke, Hypertension, Neurovasculature

Sean L. Simpson 
Research Interests: Networks, biostatistics, complexity and imaging

Christopher T. Whitlow 
Research Interests: Networks, TBI, Migraine, Alzheimer's

Suzanne Craft 
Research Interests: Alzheimer Disease, Insulin, Insulin Resistance; Hypoglycemic Agents, Cognition Disorders

Ramon Casanova+
Research Interests: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Artificial Intelligence; Alzheimer Disease, Brain; Diabetic Retinopathy

Cormac A. O'Donovan
Research Interests: Autonomic dysfunction in epilepsy and seizures

Laura Baker 
Research Interests: Alzheimer's disease, insulin, growth hormone-related hormone, cognition

Maria C. Sam 
Research Interests: Epilepsy, Intractable Epilepsy