To meet the challenge of training scientists who function successfully in clinical and basic science environments. This exclusive Wake Forest physician's only program will facilitate the interaction of scientists interested in common problems and undoubtedly increase the cross-pollination of ideas between scientists in clinical departments. 

Designed to train students at the cellular and molecular level and to integrate this basic training with clinical applications involving human disease. The MS degree program is designed to achieve the following specific goals:

  • To educate physicians who can apply sophisticated biochemical and molecular approaches to directly impact the understanding of human disease
  • To educate physicians who can develop novel molecular approaches useful in the diagnosis and/or treatment of human disease
  • To educate physicians who can move efficiently and productively between basic and clinical settings
  • To educate physicians who can act as teachers or mentors for medical students, residents, clinical fellows, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows
  • To provide a program that will promote translational research at Wake Forest University
  • To help facilitate our capacity to recruit, train and retain outstanding basic and clinical scientists in clinical departments.

PhD Program 

The PhD in Molecular Medicine and Translational Science program at Wake Forest provides the next generation of basic and clinical scientists in innovative, significant and state-of-the-art molecular, cellular and translational investigation to advance disease prevention and treatment and to promote human health.