The Clinical Research Management MS curriculum consists of 13 courses totaling 35 credit hours, and can be completed in as few as 5 academic terms (20 months). A decelerated plan of study is also available that allows students to move at a slower pace, with fewer courses per term. Much of the coursework is self-paced and asynchronous, but with some synchronous elements sprinkled in to assure the formation of peer relationships with members of your cohort.

An important component of the curriculum is the capstone project, which begins in your 2nd academic term, and culminates in the 5th, and final, academic term. The goal of the capstone project exercise is for you to identify a critical health care challenge and draw upon knowledge and skills gained through your coursework to develop a transformative solution.

And because we recognize that some students have a unique focus, the program allows for specialization by allowing you to select between two tracks: Strategic Leadership/Communications or Operations.

Coursework Details

The coursework is broken down as follows:

  • 11 credit hours in foundational courses
  • 14 credit hours in core courses
  • 4 credit hours in concentration courses
  • 6 credit hours of capstone project

Below, you will find the specific course listings in each category of coursework.

Program Course Requirements

Selecting a Concentration

During program orientation, our program director will discuss the options and help you select a concentration that will help you pursue your desired career outcome. A snapshot of the two concentrations in our Clinical Research Management program are shown below.