The Regenerative Medicine concentration offers a unique educational and research experience for students pursuing a MS or PhD drawn primarily from four graduate school tracks – Molecular and Cellular Bioscience, Integrative Physiology & Pharmacology, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering. Students in all biomedical sciences graduate programs are eligible to pursue the concentration as preparation for a PhD or as a self-contained advanced qualification in its own right. Upon completion of their degree, students who complete the Regenerative Medicine concentration will have it noted on their transcript.

Educational Objectives and Goals

Course and Hours Requirement for MS and PhD Students:

  • Regenerative Medicine Immersion: Fundamental Principles and Clinical Applications (2 hours)
  • Introduction to Regenerative Medicine I (3 hours)
  • Advanced Topics in Regenerative Medicine (3 hours)
  • Regenerative Medicine Journal Club (1 hour)
  • Research completed in the laboratory of Regenerative Medicine Program faculty (6 hours) OR RM concentration with Capstone Project or Internship completed in the laboratory of RM Program faculty. Projects should take two terms to complete. Credit hours based on length of internship

GPA Standard: All students must achieve a B or higher in each course and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Certification of Completion for MS students: The Regenerative Medicine Concentration Director or co-Director will certify completion of the requirements for the concentration.

Certification of Completion for PhD Students
: The Chair of the student's thesis committee will certify completion for the requirements for the Concentration – requires signature of Program Director for final approval.

The Graduate School Bulletin includes further information about courses and degree requirements.