To meet complex patient needs in the current health care setting, many health care professionals must combine efforts to provide the highest quality of care. These interdisciplinary (INT) and interprofessional (IPE) approaches are particularly effective for addressing problems that are beyond the expertise of one practitioner.

  • Northwest AHEC INT and IPE programs are designed to advance the skills of health care professionals in all disciplines, encouraging a comprehensive team approach to patient care.
  • Northwest AHEC is able to provide continuing education credits needed by health professionals to maintain their certifications and credentialing privileges.

Continuing Professional Development staff work with state and local health associations, universities and community colleges, hospitals and community organizations to serve constituents in the Northwest AHEC 17-county region.

For information about specific program credits, please visit the NWAHEC site.

Continuing Professional Development Credits

Northwest AHEC provides a variety of continuing education (CE) credits to help you meet the CE expectations of your profession. For a listing of credits provided for individual CE activities, please consult the event brochure or other marketing materials. Target audience will determine credits offered. Each activity is different.

Continuing education requirements for your specific profession are subject to change. Please check with your individual board or organization to remain informed about your profession's requirements.

Course Catalog and Registration

For information or to register for Continuing Professional Development Activities, go to or call 336-713-7700.