Library Services and Information Technology

The Northwest AHEC Library provides information resources, services, classes and consultations to further the Northwest AHEC mission.

Begun as a circuit-riding decentralized consortium program with four base libraries in the early 1970s, our library network has evolved as health systems and technology have evolved.

Northwest AHEC cost-shares the expenses of the library operations with its partners. For each new fiscal year, all library expenses are estimated using the most current data available. Northwest AHEC is committed to paying 50% of the estimated total.

We provide a full-service world-class library program to our members as well as provide support for area health careers' students and licensed/credentialed health care professionals.

Library staff also provide professional information support to Northwest AHEC staff members via collaboration on various continuing professional development endeavors, serving as presenters when appropriate, and providing information services presentations and displays to enhance professional development programs and workshops.