Research Funding

Research reported on in this publication was supported by the following grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

Scientists Take Big Step Toward Finding Non-addictive Pain Killer: NIH, National Institute on Drug Abuse grants R01DA032568, R01DA027811, R44DA042465, R21DA040104 and R21DA044775. Additional support: U.S. Department of Defense W81XWH-13-2-0045.

Bioengineered BioMask Offers Promise for Healing Facial Skin Injuries: NIH grant 1P41EB023833-01.

New Evidence Found for Role of Diet in Breast Health: Grant to Carol Shively from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute R01HL087103. Additional support: Chronic Disease Research Fund (KLC), American Cancer Society Research Scholar grant RSG-16- 204-01-NEC (KLC), a Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Research grant CCR18547795 (KLC) and the Prevent Cancer Foundation (KLC).

A Good Source of Beneficial Probiotics: Baby Poop?: Center for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism; the Kermit Glenn Phillips II Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine; the NIH-funded Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Center P30AG12232, R01AG18915, R01DK114224. Additional support: Clinical and Translational Science Center UL1TR001420 at Wake Forest School of Medicine; and the Department of Defense PR170446.