Career Preparation Self Assessment Tool

Use this interactive page as a guideline for your own self-evaluation of your career preparation and educational background as you anticipate pursuing a CRNA educational program. Click on the choice that best describes your status in each area, and you’ll be directed to some notes on suggested self- evaluation and further development for that area.

Please note: the suggestions offered here are probably helpful for a number of CRNA programs and in fact for strengthening your nursing career, even if you do not go to CRNA school at all. But please realize that the ultimate decision rests on the admission committee, and involves more than just evaluation of your resumé. Even successful achievement of all of the suggested items below does not guarantee interview or admission to this or any other program.

1. I currently hold this degree:

2. My licensure is:

3. I have attained these certifications:

4. My nursing experience is in:

5. The duration of my ICU experience is:

6. My undergraduate nursing GPA is:

7. My graduate school tests were:

8. My previous academic coursework includes:

9. Other things I have done in my quest for anesthesia school include: