The current reality is that women represent only a fraction of in-training and practicing radiologists, and as such are not often afforded the opportunity to collaborate merely has chance would have it. As we now know from our experiences from years of social distancing, a lack of intersection –intentional or not- leads to less collaboration and loss of the interconnectedness that helps communities grow and thrive. With the help of, ACGME, Atrium, and Radiology’s leadership we plan to continue to support our women both inside and outside their roles at the institution. Each year brings a new set of physicians with their own unique contributions to the community and we continue to grow and adapt the Women in Radiology to best fit their needs.

What We Do

WIR has an annual budget to accomplish the above mission with the programing split between four main topics: 

  • Fun/social events
  • Educational events
  • Team building/career building
  • Wellness/feedback

Several of our events are collaborative efforts with other groups in the department and the institution including the Radiology departmental Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. For example, the Up Stander Workshop and Grand Rounds event. 

In the past academic year WIR held numerous events, which is an increase from prior years. Some of the events WIR hosted included: socially distanced picnic welcome dinner, book club, first annual WIR mentor start up event, virtual game night, career panel, virtual yoga class, private feedback session, WIR graduation and farewell ceremony.

Prior content and feedback has already lead to tangible changes in the way the department functions in the support role for our trainees and faculty including:

  • Creating more intentional space for female trainees to work together to foster relationships early on
    • Eg- putting female residents on rotations together early on in their first year and a little more often than a random assignment may have it be
    • Putting first year females on with an upper level female during their first week of night float to help ease the transition
    • Intentional Faculty support of our female trainees- WIR mentoring program began in 2020
    • Early female team building event in first quarter of the new academic year piloted 2020
  • Increasing safe space forums- 
    • WIR hosts quarterly coffee check-ins for female trainees to give protected feedback
    • The department has an anonymous email to send feedback, questions, and concerns.
  • Increasing conference content focused on building an equitable culture


 “With the encouragement of our Program Director, Carol Geer, I initiated and curated the inaugural year for the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Women in Radiology (WIR) group during my senior year as a resident. My initial goals were focused on creating an intentional space for connection between the female trainees as well as between the trainees and staff as I personally struggled to find friendship and mentorship in a time of great personal change. Since then, the community has grown in ways I couldn’t have dreamed up. As a result, I feel more connected now in my profession and in my relationships with my colleagues, even during a time of an ongoing pandemic.”,  Founding member and current Faculty leader –Jennifer Schroeder

Upcoming Events

Up Stander Workshop and Grand Rounds
Date TBD
Safe Zone Training
Date TBD 
Quarterly Coffee Check-in
October 28, 2021
Pearls for Taking On-call, Passing the Torch.
November 12, 2021: