This 4-week elective is offered 7 times a year for fourth year medical students. Approximately 75% of the students choose our elective. It is also offered to students from other institutions. Components of their educational experience in the Radiology Department include

  • Observational rotations through the clinical areas
  • Series of case-based tutorials
  • Lectures or seminars in subspecialty areas
  • Preparation of 2 or 3 teaching file cases


Residents and fellows are asked to welcome students into the clinical areas and allow them to observe and ask questions. Students may be asked by residents and fellows to help with the work of the area by

  • Researching patient histories on the computer
  • Finding old film jackets from the image library
  • Research and Review via Web
  • Answering the telephone
  • Communication with referring physicians

Residents are assigned to teach the case-based tutorials in rotation, as scheduled by the chief residents. These tutorials cover basic areas of radiology and are web-based. They generally occur 4 times per week from 3 to 4 pm in Conference Room 3.