The HPEI Educator Conference is intended for faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows, physicians, and providers who are interested in teaching and training in the health professions. The conference features best-practice updates, evidence-based teaching, opportunities for networking with educators, and thoughtful discussions about how we train current and future generations of medical and biomedical professionals. This year’s conference is packed full of great content and will focus on a theme of personal and professional character development – how are we building not just knowledgeable, skilled, competent but also resilient professionals that act with virtuous intent. The conference will include original research and breakout sessions for teachers and clinicians from all areas of medical and biomedical education across the spectrum.

Location and Directions

Parking will be available for external attendees in the Eden Terrace Lot on Eden Terrace Street in Winston Salem, NC. The lot is accessible from Eden Terrace Street (two entrances) and Beach Street (1 entrance). Map and directions.

Walking directions to the Comprehensive Cancer Center: Exit the Eden Terrace Lot through the Beach Street Exit. And proceed down Beech Street towards the intersection with Eden Terrace Street. Continue straight and the Comprehensive Cancer Center will be on the left.

The Conference will take place on the 10th floor. From the elevators, proceed straight through the double doors and the rooms will be on the left.

Virtual Abstract Tour

The following peer-reviewed abstracts were accepted for the 2022 HPEI Educator Conference.