The Center for Addiction Research offers translational research pilot awards for competitive studies in the area of substance use and addiction.

Center Goals

To promote state-of-the-art research, education and dissemination of evidence-based practices focusing on:

  • Preclinical models that will support the development of personalized treatments for substance-related disorders
  • Population research involving epidemiology, community and policy interventions to promote population health
  • Clinical-translational research that will generate new knowledge and contribute to our learning healthcare system

An Intellectual Home for Scientific Discovery

Past Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA Director
  • Dr. Sara Jo Nixon, Univ. of Florida
  • Dr. Sara Jo Nixon, Univ. of Florida
  • Dr. Warren Bickel, Virginia Tech
  • Dr. Laura Bohn, Scripps
  • Dr. Anna Rose Childress, Penn
  • Dr. Richard de La Garza, Baylor
  • Dr. Richard de La Garza, Baylor
  • Dr. William Stoops, Univ Kentucky
  • Dr. James Anthony, Mich. State Univ.
  • Dr. Diana Martinez, Columbia University

Other Events

  • Ignite Sessions
  • Research Topics Symposia
  • World Café
  • Movie Night
  • Annual Retreat

Creating Opportunity for New Partnerships

In 2023, CFAR was the catalyst in establishing a Research Agreement with NC A&T, a local Historically Black College and University (HBCU), to promote and encourage multidisciplinary research across the campuses. We are working to extend the agreement to other HBCUs in our region.