The Wake Forest University Master of Science in Clinical Research Management (CRM) program provides a holistic approach for students in clinical research. Designed for those working in or entering the clinical research field, this degree program expands participants’ knowledge of both the macro and micro aspects of the clinical research ecosystem and is focused on an overarching vision to shape and impact the future of healthcare.  

Another marker of this online program is its unique partnership with experienced industry professionals from concept through delivery, ensuring market relevancy, and a thoughtful, ready application that will shape the industry of today and tomorrow.

The primary objective of the program is to train and mentor well-qualified clinical research professionals and leaders that move the research and development process forward to advance health. Students will learn in an innovative, engaging, supportive, and interdisciplinary online environment. Graduates of the program are expected to:


  • Select and apply relevant scientific knowledge and language for conducting clinical research 
  • Critically analyze clinical research designs
  • Participate in the process of directing or partaking in effective clinical trials
  • Apply relevant ethical, regulatory, healthcare industry and organizational considerations in the conduct of clinical trials.
  • Lead individuals and teams using relevant management and leadership skills and knowledge
  • Apply skills, innovation, and professionalism to improve care, processes, and access to research and healthcare for all

This skill and knowledge can be applied to a variety of biomedical fields. Graduates from the program will be well-positioned to work in the biotechnology, device, and pharmaceutical industries, private and government research labs, academia, healthcare institutions, and dedicated clinical research organizations.