The CRBM has an annual open call for proposals to support pilot projects in the area of redox biology and medicine. The Request for Applications is issued once a year, with the Letter of Intent due mid-September and full applications due mid-October. Specific criteria include:

  • Building new collaborations between members and with researchers from other centers
  • Fostering clinical connections with research in the area of redox biology and medicine
  • Providing a high potential to inspire new multi-investigator extramural grants (P01s, R01s, U01s, etc)

2021 Request for Pilot Grant Applications

Previously Funded Projects

2020 Project Highlights

W. Todd Lowther, PhD (Biochemistry), Inhibition of Peroxiredoxin 3 with Novel Compounds for Cancer Redox Therapy (co-funded with CCC)

Kiran Kumar Solingapuram Sai, PhD (Radiology), Evaluation of [18F]KS1, A Novel Ascorbate-Based PET Imaging Agent in Non-Human Primate Tumor Model of Radiation (co-funded with CCC)

John Lukesh, PhD (Chemistry) and Leslie B. Poole, PhD (Biochemistry), The Development of New Chemical Tools to Further Probe the Beneficial Effects of Reactive Sulfur Species on Cardiovascular Health and Protection (co-funded with WFU Center for Molecular Signaling).