Wake Forest University

Rebecca Alexander
Redox Interest: Mechanisms of protein synthesis

Ulrich Bierbach
Redox Interest: Novel platinating chemotherapeutics and their interactions with DNA and enzymes

Regina Cordy
Redox Interest: Malaria Pathogenesis, Host-Parasite Interactions, Human Microbiome

Patricia Dos Santos
Redox Interest: Bacterial sulfur metabolsim, mechanisms of iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis

Paul Jones
Redox Interest: Photochemical Methods to Generate Synthetically and Medically Significant Products

Daniel Kim-Shapiro
Redox Interest: Nitrogen oxide regulation in blood flow and storage

Bruce King
Redox Interest: ROS and RNS in redox mechanisms of chemotherapy and signaling

John Lukesh
Redox Interest: Selenium and sulfur in novel chemotherapeutics

Glen Marrs
Redox Interest: Imaging of neural systems that control behavioral aggression using wolf spider as a model organism

Gloria Muday
Redox Interest: Flavonols and ROS in plant growth and development

Fred Salsbury
Redox Interest: Computational modeling or redox protein structure and dynamics

Troy Stich
Redox Interest: Interrogating the radical SAM family of enzymes

William Turkett
Redox Interest: Bioinformatic approaches to analyze redox-sensitive proteins

Ke Zhang
Redox Interest: Epigenetic mechanisms of pathophysiology; yeast model system

Other Affiliated Faculty

Siobhan Craige
Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, Virginia Tech

Sharon Campbell
Biochemistry and Biophysics, UNC - Chapel Hill

Edward Moreira Bahnson
Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, UNC Chapel Hill

Ming Dong
Chemistry, A & T 

Ines Batinic Haberle
Cancer Biology, Duke University
Biomedical Engineering, GA Tech 

Richard Loeser
Department of Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill 

Robert Newman
Biology, NC A & T

Melissa Srougi
Molecular Biotechnology, NC State

Andrew Wommack  
Chemistry, High Point University