Message from the Chief Resident

Thank you for your interest in the Wake Forest Integrated IR residency training program. As the Chief Integrated IR resident, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Wake Forest IR training program and the Winston-Salem area.

Our six-year program is fully integrated beginning with a surgical intern year in the Wake Forest General Surgery program. This year includes relevant surgical rotations as well as an opportunity to rotate early with the Wake Forest Interventional Radiology section. During PGY 2-4, you will be fully integrated with the Diagnostic Radiology program and participate in the same tiered, independent call system while incorporating IR and IR-related rotations each year. The PGY 5-6 years are dedicated to polishing your interventional skills. In the end, you’ll be a phenomenal interventionalist with strong diagnostic skills, who is fully confident and able to excel in whatever practice setting you desire.

Wake has always had a strong emphasis on excellent clinical training and graduated autonomy. This is evident through daily commitment to resident education and the thoughtful structure of our training pathway, which ensures residents are ready to succeed when they begin independent call in January of PGY2. Additionally, the smaller size of the program affords the opportunity to tailor training to match individual resident interests and future job requirements, while providing a strong foundation upon which to build interventional skills. There is genuine camaraderie among residents and faculty, and the collegial atmosphere at Wake makes this a truly enjoyable place to work and train.

You will become familiar with an expansive range of pathology being at a tertiary care center with a level 1 trauma center, a nationally recognized comprehensive cancer center and a dedicated on-site pediatric hospital. Through strategic partnerships, we have developed unique rotations at our out-patient vein center, a nearby private practice OBL and the local Veteran’s Affairs hospital which broaden experience and practice platform exposure.

Winston-Salem has much to offer young professionals while also being a great city to raise a family. I have truly enjoyed living here with my wife and raising our two young boys in this town for the last eight years. With a history rooted in tobacco and textile manufacturing, many of the old warehouses have been revitalized into lofts, restaurants, breweries and centers for performing arts. In the surrounding area there are many wineries, state parks and hiking trails. Winston-Salem is approximately 1.5 hours from the Appalachian Mountains and 3 hours from the beaches of North Carolina. Within 90 miles you have three international airports (GSO, CLT, RDU) to facilitate weekend and vacation travel. Winston-Salem is a great place to train and enjoy life, as you build a solid foundation of fundamental skills and knowledge to succeed in your future career.

I am happy I chose a program that values both my education and quality of life while setting me up for a successful career. Thanks again for your interest in our program and becoming a part of the Wake family. If you'd like to hear more about the experience here or have any specific questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Anthony Thompson, MD