International Dermatology Fellowship Education and Training

The training program includes:

  • Psoriasis clinic with the most advanced available treatments
  • Epidemiologic study of skin disease in conjunction with our Center for Dermatology Research
  • General medical dermatology
  • Participation in clinical studies, if applicable
  • Women’s skin health program, which includes an emphasis on vulvar dermatosis
  • Active grand rounds program
  • Dermatopathology sessions
  • Pediatric dermatology clinic

The program offers six-month and one-year international fellowship programs with rolling enrollment to suit fellows’ needs.

While fellows are not involved in direct patient care, they are incorporated into the daily curriculum for both clinical and research regimens.

Research Highlights

Fellows are expected to participate productively in the clinical and research activities of the Department of Dermatology, to publish one or more clinical research articles during their fellowship and to make at least one oral presentation.

Requirements for Completion

  • A minimum of one publication
  • A minimum of one internal presentation
  • Completion of personal projects

The Department of Dermatology International Fellowship program is committed to providing ample opportunities for fellows to fulfill the basic requirements of the program. Every candidate who successfully completes the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Program Costs

  • Six-month fellowship: $14,000
  • One-year fellowship: $22,000

Applicants may seek funding from their own governments, institutions or other personal sources.