Wake Forest's Emergency Medicine Administrative and Leadership Fellowship focuses on developing Emergency Medicine (EM)-trained physicians for future success as highly effective and transformational leaders, emergency department medical directors, emergency medical service medical directors, emergency medicine system leadership and hospital/health-system administrative leaders. Built on the foundation of one of the first EM programs in the United States, the program will leverage the departmental expertise in clinical, educational, research and administrative medicine.

Our fellowship is a two-year, degree-based program that works to close the gap between those that provide clinical services and the decisions that affect expanding and increasingly complex health systems. Concurrent to the rapidly expanding clinical practice of medicine, the scale and complexity of health care creates challenges beyond what is taught in medical school and residency. This program will provide foundational training in leadership and emergency medicine administration as a catalyst for personal and career upward growth and opportunities to impact the future of healthcare.

Program objectives include:

  • Develop the ability to assess emergency department quality and operations, as well as facilitate solution-based, valued-added activities
  • Integrate ongoing learning from the selected degree-based program into the Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Develop the core understanding and daily growth of the critical soft science of effective leadership
  • Learn to be a leader that brings value to all members of your health care team
  • Develop expertise with the administrative functions centric to emergency medicine
  • Develop the necessary skills to implement and measure quality improvement initiatives that can be publishable and disseminated

Program benefits:

  • Concurrent degree-based offering
  • Competitive salary
  • Dedicated, focused administrative and leadership-based mentoring
  • Medical/dental/vision

How to Apply

Program is full for its inaugural launch year (July 2020). Applications for July 2021 will be available fall 2020.