Systems Improvement Project for an Internal Employee Wellness Department


Introduction of a new informatics system, REDCap – Research Electronic Data Capture program for use by an internal employee wellness program to improve data intake, analysis, identification of trends, and identifying program successes and failures. The health and wellness of employees are essential for employers and the employees themselves. Data collected from wellness programs is valuable to track and can ultimately be used to analyze program success or failure, and individual employee health improvements or declines. The REDCap program has the capability to send and receive surveys and track specific employee data collected by coaches and advocates for future analysis.


Meetings were held with the wellness department to identify specific needs for information they desired to capture and analyze. Survey necessity identified as demographics, well-being/interest, nutrition class, and stress class. Assistance received from the institution REDCap expert for guidance and buildout. The well-being/interest survey incorporated the SF-12(short form 12), with additional questions related to burnout and workplace culture and one question related to chronic illnesses and barriers to participation.


Successful development of intrinsic data system utilizing REDCap program, including initial and follow up survey’s along with the timeframes for being sent, and Training manual compiled which included departmental algorithms and step-b-step instructions for REDcap data input and analysis. Presentation of the total project and manual was provided to the internal wellness program employees. Go live of the program was postponed in part due to COVID-19 and change in laboratory testing utilization.


The primary goal surrounding this quality improvement project was to improve a system and how it operates while providing valuable feedback as APRNs. Pairing internal wellness programs with a robust database such as REDCap, initiating protocols, and education regarding the use of data-driven approaches to program evaluation has the added benefits of providing information on success and failures and a potential overall reduction in both employee and employer healthcare costs. The REDCap program's use allows for data analysis to occur using SPSS Statistical Software for statistical data analysis and identify significance related to programs offered by the internal employee wellness department.A significant passion surrounding this project would have been to identify nursing units experiencing high annual turnover based on the statistical analysis obtained through REDCap on employee health and how it correlates to burnout.