Educational Intervention to Improve RN Awareness and Knowledge in an Obstetric PACU


On-the-job training has the potential to fill gaps in nursing knowledge and improve nursing awareness of fundamentals, as well as nuances of caring for specialty populations, such as obstetric patients. This project created a professional development program for nurses in an obstetric post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) in a newly-opened Birth Center, as well as an orientation course for new hires to the unit.


Input was sought from multiple stakeholders, including the obstetric anesthesia department, to formulate the most effective and applicable course curriculum. The impact was then evaluated using surveys sent to recent orientees and attendees of the programs. The surveys utilized a retrospective pre-test/post-test design and sought feedback for ways to make the program better in future iterations.


Participants reported substantial gains in understanding of the relevant topics following the intervention and expressed a collective desire for more such training.


These future endeavors will create an institution-supported, sustainable staff development effort that utilizes online learning modules and simulations, as well as in-person classes, to increase the nursing staff’s abilities and thereby improve patient care.