Starting in fall terms, full-time MS students are expected to complete 24-29 hours of coursework during their first 3 academic terms, including the summer term. Learning health system science track students will have some additional coursework in their 4th term. Courses listed as “core” below are required by the program’s track. Electives are available within each track, but neither track requires any electives to successfully complete the program. A concentration in Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Prevention is available to be added to the degree, but is an optional component. All MS students will also complete an independent capstone project.

A decelerated plan-of-study may be available for students that need to move at a slower pace through the program, e.g. a student with less release time from clinical duties may wish to enter the program as a part-time student. Please contact one of the program co-directors to discuss your specific plan-of-study need.  

Selecting a Track

During your program orientation, the program co-directors will discuss the options and help you select a track that will best align with your desired career outcome. Details on the two tracks in our Translational and Health System Science program are shown below, including a list of required and elective courses. A full mapping of all courses in the program and their relationship to the two tracks, and the concentration in Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Prevention, is available for download.

Downloadable: Course mapping to tracks and concentration

Clinical and Translational Investigation Track

The Clinical and Translational Investigation track is an excellent alternative for those who aspire to build the skill set necessary to become a leader in effectively collecting and analyzing health system data.

Learning Health System Science Track

The Learning Health System Science track is the prime option for those who aspire to conduct research meant to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.