Clinical and Translational Investigation Track

Being able to function as a clinician-scientist requires a deep commitment to the Translational and Health System Science program’s key objectives. This is especially true in today’s health system, where the advent of the electronic health record has elevated the need for clinician-scientists adept at informatics and implementation science based-approaches to improving care. The Clinical and Translational Investigation track is an excellent alternative for those who aspire to build the skill set necessary to become a leader in effectively collecting and analyzing this data.

The track offers a pathway to the MS degree that can be completed in as few as 3 academic terms, along with a completed capstone project written in the style of a research grant. A concentration in Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Control is available to students in this track, requiring additional coursework and a capstone project relevant to the focus area.

In addition, the program offers a graduate certificate in as few as 2 academic terms. This abridged offering requires the completion of at least 15 hours of selected coursework in the track, ethics training, and demonstrated competency in graduate-level biostatistics. The certificate does not require a capstone project. Certificate students in this track may select from 1 of 3 focus areas: Clinical, Behavioral Science, or Basic Science.

Downloadable: Clinical and Translational Science certificate requirements

Students who do not begin their certificate pursuit with graduate-level ethics or biostatistics courses in their background may take the program’s offerings to meet the certificate’s requirement.

Coursework Details

Clinical and Translational Investigation Core Courses

THSS 703 Ethics and Responsibility in THSS I
1 Credit
THSS 704
Ethics and Responsibility in THSS II
1 Credit
THSS 720
4 Credits
THSS 730
Introduction to Biostatistics
4 Credits
THSS 731
Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
2 Credits
THSS 732
Statistical Modeling
4 Credits
THSS 742
Clinical Trial Methods
3 Credits
THSS 748
Translational Research Methods I
2 Credits
THSS 749
Translational Research Methods II
3 Credits

Clinical and Translational Investigation Capstone Project Courses for the MS degree

*May be repeated as dictated by the plan of study. †May be exempted for students pursuing the Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Control concentration.

THSS 736 Implementation Science
2 Credits
THSS 740†
Scientific Writing 2 Credits
THSS 741†
Research Grant Preparation 1 Credit
THSS 751*
Research Paper 1-9 Credits

Plans-of-Study for the Clinical and Translational Investigation Track

Downloadable: Standard MS degree plan-of-study

Downloadable: Standard certificate plan-of-study