Two Selected for Future Clinician Leaders College

Logan Oyler head shotLogan Oyler and Doug Teasdall from the PA class of 2021 were accepted into the North Carolina Medical Society’s Future Clinician Leaders College. 

Teasdall offers the following thoughts on receiving this honorable award: 

Doug Teasdall head shot“Health care providers are some of the highest revered citizens in a community. It is our duty to provide leadership, education, and confidence to our patients. Injured or ill members of our community seek our help in their most dire, desperate, and vulnerable states. Since beginning my clinical rotations as a future PA, I have been humbled and grateful to care for the patients I have encountered. Through these interactions, I have felt further empowered to enhance my medical knowledge and expertise, but to also connect with my patients on a personal level and advocate for their highest level of care. I can accomplish this through enhancing my skills as a leader through the North Carolina Medical Society’s Future Clinician Leaders College (FCLC). This organization places numerous health care professionals in separate teams to expose major health policy challenges in North Carolina. We then present our team’s project to local representatives of North Carolina’s General Assembly advocating for our community. In addition to enlightening North Carolina’s legislators on a healthcare discrepancy, the program aims to enhance a clinician’s abilities to uncover patient concerns, wants, and needs, improving their level of care."

"As a member of the FCLC, I hope to enhance my communication skills across all medical disciplines, acquire the tools to provide the highest degree of patient advocacy, and represent all medical professionals at the community, state, and national level with great vigilance.” 

Doug Teasdall
PA Class of 2021