Department of Dermatology Research

The clinical, basic science and public health researchers at the Department of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine are engaged in some of the world's most groundbreaking research initiatives within dermatology. Ongoing clinical trials aim to bring safe and effective dermatologic treatments to patients.

Research Initiatives

Active research spans a range of topics and disciplines, from cutaneous oncology to ethnic and pigmented skin disease.

Our Research Centers

Center for Dermatology Research (CDR)

Led by Steven R. Feldman, MD, PhD, the Center for Dermatology Research (CDR) uses nationally representative data to characterize and track changes in the delivery of dermatological care in the U.S. The CDR's adherence and tanning research has resulted in international recognition and multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Clinical Studies Center (CSC)

Researchers at the Clinical Studies Center conduct controlled studies of pharmaceutical agents developed for skin disorders. Patients have an opportunity to participate in these clinical trials, which are an essential aspect of the evolution of new and better treatments for dermatologic disease.