At the Clinical Studies Center at Wake Forest School of Medicine, we are dedicated to clinical research focusing on controlled studies of pharmaceutical agents developed for skin disorders.

Patients have an opportunity to participate in these clinical trials, which are an essential aspect of the evolution of new and better treatments for dermatologic diseases. From subject recruitment to the collection of data for our clients, we are focused on quality results.

Our clinical studies research team includes board-certified dermatologists, a physician assistant, certified clinical research coordinators, an administrative team and recruitment specialists led by its director, Adele Clark, PA-C.


The CSC was created in 1990 within the Department of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine. Since its creation, the center has grown considerably and enjoyed an expansion of industry support for its clinical research. We’re one of the busiest clinical trial centers in the nation.


Our mission is to improve medical care for patients with skin diseases by providing the highest quality research data to gain FDA approval for industry-leading medicines.