Clinical Studies Center Sponsor Information

The Clinical Studies Center’s goal is to provide exceptional services to our sponsors, using the latest technology and improving medical care for patients with skin diseases.

Facility Features

  • Full study center exam rooms
  • Dedicated photography room
  • On-site laboratory
  • On-site Psoriasis Treatment Center
  • A team of highly effective professionals, including:
    • Board-certified dermatologists
    • Physician assistant
    • Certified coordinators
    • Nurses
    • Research fellows

Facility and Program Highlights

  • Experienced team of health care professionals
  • Established history of clinical trials
  • Large dermatology patient database
  • Top enroller on many trials
  • Local institutional review board (meets Monday through Thursday weekly)
  • Dedicated regulatory, financial and subject recruitment specialist
  • Prompt study initiation and completion
  • Document preparation of:
    • Consent forms
    • Source documents
    • Subject logs
  • Secure storage areas
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) strictly maintained and enforced
  • Continual training and certification programs
  • Routine equipment monitoring
  • Histopathology services
  • Molecular biology services
  • Noninvasive skin biophysics

Our Patient Population

The Clinical Studies Center strives to meet the needs of our patient volunteers while fulfilling the requirements of our sponsors. We have a patient population that extends to five states (Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina) with over 11 million people. We’re located inside a nationally known dermatology clinic that serves hundreds of patients daily, which is situated in the heart of a large hospital site with over 10,000 employees and hundreds of visitors daily.

Our professional recruitment team has earned their high-enrolling site recognition—our potential subject database has over 10,000 volunteers.

We offer an in-house professional recruitment team that is skilled in ad designs and media placement as well as pre-screening potential subjects.

If you’re interested in using the Clinical Studies Center at Wake Forest Baptist Health for one of your clinical trials, please contact Adele Clark, PA-C at 336-716-7465 or You may also reach us at 336-716-3775.