Rural America Delivery of Standard of Care Acute Stroke Treatment

Presently there are 112,000,000 Rural Americans who do not have access to Acute Stroke Standard of Care because they live too far away from major Joint Commission Approved Stroke Centers to be given the only FDA approved treatment for ischemic stroke within the FDA required post-stroke time window for administration. This project is developing Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Equipped Stroke Ambulances that will put the acute stroke patient's brain in a safe stasis for long-distance transport to a major U.S. Stroke Center for the FDA approved treatment beyond the present 3-hour window. One such ambulance for each major stroke center in the United States will provide a Nationwide system able to capture 102,000,000 of the 112,000,000 unserved Rural Americans.

The hyperbaric oxygen ambulance will also bring rural stroke victims to stroke centers in better condition for treatment of hemorrhagic stroke and those stroke conditions requiring neurosurgery and interventional radiology.

Wake Forest School of Medicine Stroke Treatment Ambulance Project