Medical Education Research Webex Details

Location: Cancer Center Conference Room 10- C

Aidan P. Wiley, BA, (he/him), Wake Forest University School of Medicine. ‘The Segway Model: Results of a Qualitative Analysis on the Value and Role of Education in the Academic Learning Health System’ (#1 MER: Abstract; Poster)

Bio: I am the Wake Forest Fellow in the Office of the CEO examining the role of learning, education and training in realizing the needs of the academic Learning Health System on an individual and institutional level.

Leah Snipe, MD, (she/her), Clinical Instructor, Hospital Medicine. ‘Resident-Led Online Clerkship Instruction for 3rd Year Medical Students’ (#2 MER: Abstract; Poster)

Bio: Dr. Leah Snipe has been interested in education as early as college, and her interest has grown since then, expanding to her current practice as a hospitalist teaching PAs and acting interns. She hopes to continue to expand her reach by adding more medical students and residents to her scope of learners in the near future.

Zachary Pruitt, MD, (he/him/his), Resident Physician, Department of Internal Medicine. ‘Using Google Anayitics to Inform Fellowship Website Development and Recruitment Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic’ (#3 MER: Abstract; Poster)

Bio: I work with Google Analytics to analyze residency and fellowship website trends. This allows leadership in both program types to optimize their platforms to recruit ideal residents and fellows.

Samantha Fabian, BS, (she/her). ‘Quick Response (QR) Codes to Facilitate Formative Feedback’ (#4 MER: Abstract; Poster)

Bio: My interests include medical student and resident education, specifically the integration of technology into current educational systems.

Elena Irina Gavrila, BS, (she/hers), Wake Forest School of Medicine M4. ‘Peer-Led Case-Based Learning in Pulmonary Infections’ (#5 MER: Abstract; Poster)

Bio: I am a 4th year medical student passionate about education and peer‐led learning.