This half-day conference that brings together clinical teaching faculty, graduate educators, course directors, program directors, clerkship directors, small group facilitators, nursing educators, and those from all disciplines who are looking to build teaching skills, discuss new curricula and present their work.

Curricular Innovations

Curricular innovations (CI) are educational programs from around the health system including graduate school courses, MD pre-clerkship courses, clerkship educational activities, senior electives, CME-activities and other curricula.

CI Abstract 2 - CEAL High School Open House Cardiovascular Simulation and Anatomy Training Experience
JaNae Joyner, PhD, MHA, Director Healthcare Education and Innovation, Administrative Director, CEAL

CI Abstract 3 - Training Learners to Become Educators through a Residency Teaching Certificate Program
James Beardsley, PharmD, BCPS, Infectious Disease Specialist, Wake Forest Baptist Health Pharmacy Department; Adjunct Assistant Professor, PA Studies

CI Abstract 4 - Longitudinal Development of Resident Mentorship Skills Using Student Presentations
Sarah Nisly, PharmD, Pharmacy Residency Preceptor

CI Abstract 5 - Is Healthcare a Business? A Novel Approach to Educating PAs in Management and Leadership
Sobia Shariff Hussaini, Assistant Professor, Director of Academic Practice Partnerships in the Department of PA Studies

CI Abstract 6 - Hot Topics:  PA Student Consultants Confront the Opioid Epidemic
Alisha T. DeTroye, MMS, PA-C, DFAAPA, Director of PA Services, Adjunct Faculty for W-F Dept. of PA Studies

CI Abstract 9 - Launching into Healthcare: A Social Justice Framework for College-and-Career Readiness
Sobia S Hussaini, MHA, Assistant Professor, Director of Academic Practice Partnerships in the Department of PA Studies.

CI Abstract 14 - Longitudinal Training Program in Population Health to Reduce Health Disparities
Deepak Palakshappa, MD, Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

CI Abstract 22 - Updating the Curriculum of the AFDT Histocompatibility Specialists' Course
Michael D Gautreaux, PhD, D.ABHI, Professor, Pathology

CI Abstract 27 - Using Audience Response to Reinforce Cardiac Murmur Recognition in the Preclinical Cardiovascular Block
Richard Brandon Stacey, MD, Associate Professor, Cardiology

CI Abstract 28 - It's in Your Hands:  Empowering an Active Student Educational Environment (EASEE Card)
Nancy Denizard-Thompson, MD, Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine

CI Abstract 29 - Utilization of Quick Response Codes to Identify Early Struggling Interns and Facilitate Mentorship of Supervising Residents to Coach on the Wards *Oral Presentation
Rita Poon, MD, Assistant Instructor, General Internal Medicine

CI Abstract 31 - Impact of a Systems-Based Morbidity and Mortality Conference in an Internal Medicine Residency Program
Rita Poon, MD, Assistant Instructor, General Internal Medicine

CI Abstract 32 - It's Bigger than Just the Visit: A Resident and Faculty Ambulatory Transition of Care Curriculum
Nancy Denizard-Thompson, MD, Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine

CI Abstract 34 - Discharge Planning: Inviting Students to Take an Active Role
Nancy Denizard-Thompson, MD, Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine

Medical Education Research

Medical education research (MER) are abstracts describing research studies of educational interventions across the health professions including pre-graduate, under-graduate, post-graduate, and continuing medical education learners.

MER Abstract 7 - Performing Under Pressure: Varsity Athletes Excel in Medical School
Lindsay C Strowd, MD, Assistant Professor, Dermatology

MER Abstract 8 - The Effect of Interprofessional Education on Attitudes Towards HealthCare Teams Between PA and CRNA Students
Courtney Brown, PhD, CRNA, CHSE Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology; Associate Director for Didactic Education, Nurse Anesthesia Program

MER Abstract 10 - Roles, Responsibilities and Funding Mechanisms of Vice Chairs of Education:  A Survey of U.S. Pediatric Department Chairs
Allison McBride, MD, Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Pediatrics; Co-Director, Pediatric Service Line Pediatrics – Brenner Children's

MER Abstract 11 - Impact of a Neonatal Resuscitation Curriculum on Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Health Professions Learners
Cassandra Johnson, MD, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine

MER Abstract 12 - Standardizing Clinical Reasoning Assessment in Preclinical PA Education
Caroline Sisson, PA-C, Assistant Professor, PA Studies

MER Abstract 18 - Improving Communication Skills of Medical Students Through the Teach-Back Method
Christine Marlow, Student

MER Abstract 20 - Improving Perceptions of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice for Physician, Pharmacy, and Nursing Trainees Through an Interdisciplinary Acute Patient Stabilization Simulation
Samantha Ogle, DHA, RN, OCN Adjunct Professor, Director of Clinical Education and Professional Simulation for Nursing and Allied Health.

MER Abstract 24 - What's in the White Coat: An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Professional Identity Formation in Medical Students
Meagan Rosenberg, BS, Third-year Medical Student, Wake Forest School of Medicine

MER Abstract 25 - Unintended Consequences: The Impact of Burnout on Self-Regulated Learning Behaviors in Medical Students
Margaux Wooster, BS, Fourth-year Medical Student, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Works in Progress

Works in progress (WIP) are abstracts covering both medical education research as well as curricular innovations and programs that are still in their infancy. These emerging ideas, early educational programs, and planned research projects are tackling major issues in medical education and are a look ahead to some of the programs and projects at Wake Forest tomorrow.

WIP Abstract 1 - Active Resilience Training in Medicine (A.R.T. in Medicine) Certificate Program
David M Popoli, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine

WIP Abstract 13 - Medical Coder Academy Training Pilot Study
Rebecca Manktelow / JaNae Joyner, PhD, MHA Executive Director of CEAL

WIP Abstract 15 - Improving Student Experiences in Clinic Through a Structured 4-Step Workflow
Rachel Barnes, BS, Fourth-year Medical Student, Wake Forest School of Medicine

WIP Abstract 16 - Internal Medicine Residents’ Use of Non-Insulin Diabetes Medications
Matthew Gorris, MD, Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

WIP Abstract 17 - ¡Sí Se Puede! Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Medical Spanish Certificate Program for Medical Students
Tiffany Shin, MD, General Pediatrician

WIP Abstract 19 - Faculty Advisement During Initial Creation of a Student Interest Group
Ian M Smith, PA-C, MMS, General Surgery, Assistant Professor PA Studies

WIP Abstract 23 - Diagnostic Reasoning Curriculum with Focus on Preventing Diagnostic Errors
Luqman-Arafath Thazhathuveetil-Kunhahamed, MBBS, FACP, SFHM, Assistant Professor, Hospital Medicine

WIP Abstract 26 - Standardization of the Incoming Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident Bootcamp – Rising to Milestone 1
Talla M. Widelock, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology

WIP Abstract 30 - Exploring Pre-clinical Education Through Making 3D-Printed Prosthetics for Children
Jeff Powell, Medical Student, Wake Forest School of Medicine

WIP Abstract 33 - A Novel Longitudinal Curriculum in Ultrasound Imaging for Endocrine Fellows
Kavya Mekala, MD, Assistant Professor, Endocrinology and Metabolism