The CRBM has an annual open call for proposals to support pilot projects in the area of redox biology and medicine. The Request for Applications is issued once a year, with the Letter of Intent due mid-September and full applications due mid-October. Specific criteria include:

  • Building new collaborations between members and with researchers from other centers
  • Fostering clinical connections with research in the area of redox biology and medicine
  • Providing a high potential to inspire new multi-investigator extramural grants (P01s, R01s, U01s, etc)

2020 Request for Pilot Grant Applications

Previously Funded Projects

2019 Project Highlights

  • David Caudell, DVM/PhD (Pathology – Comparative Med), Radiation-Induced Oxidative Injury During Megakaryocyte Differentiation

  • Thomas Hollis, PhD (Biochemistry), Redox Regulation of Deoxynucleotide Metabolism and Cell Cycle Regulation

  • David Soto-Pantoja, PhD (Hypertension), TSP1/CD47 blockade prevents chemotherapy related cardiotoxicity

  • Xuewei Zhu, PhD (Mol Medicine), Pyruvate Oxidation Regulates Canonical and Non-canonical NLRP3 Inflammasome by Targeting Redox Pathways

  • Gagan Deep, PhD (Cancer Biology), Exosomes secretion promote survival of African American prostate cancer cells under hypoxia through alleviating intracellular oxidative stress

  • Reto Asmis, PhD (Mol Medicine), Redox Regulation of Pyruvate Kinase M2 and Macrophage Polarization