We recognize that residency is challenging on so many levels and impacts every individual differently. Our approach to “Wellness” is not a one size fits all, but rather a flexible, dynamic curriculum meant to offer a variety of options to support the well-being of our pediatric residents.

Resident Support

We Are Here For You

Sometimes you don’t know what you need and we have someone here to help you figure that out.

Dr. Shannon Hanson, Assistant Program Director for Resident Wellness, is available to provide education, support, coaching, advice, and if appropriate, professional referral for individual mental or physical help that meets your needs.  

Sponsored Activities 

We sponsor the following official residency activities to promote the well-being of our classes: 

  • Retreats – Two per year for each residency class 
  • Wellness Wednesdays - A noon conference set aside as a time for the residents to recoup and recharge for the upcoming new block to start. 
  • Resident Reflection – Psychosocial debriefs following difficult cases 
  • Sippy Cup – Friendly athletic events Residents v. Faculty 
  • Interview Kick-off / Fellowship Match Day Party 
  • Resident-Faculty Journal Club  
  • Running Club 


  • Class Advisors  
  • Resident Scholarship Oversight Committee Advisor 
  • Pathway Mentor  
  • Continuity Preceptors 
  • Resident Sib 

Pediatric Residency Sponsored Activities

Institutional Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The EAP is confidential service where trained counselors offer assessment, referral and short-term problem-solving to address a range of personal/emotional concerns. It is provided as a benefit to Medical Center staff/faculty and their immediate family members. Services are available at no cost and are strictly confidential.  

Chaplaincy Program: Chaplains are available to respond to staff care needs or join Chaplaincy's Yammer group: "Care for the Soul" for all faith groups. 

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine: Offers a range of outpatient care options, including medication evaluation and management, counseling/therapy for children, adults, and families, and a chemical dependency program.    

BestHealth For Us: Your Workplace Wellness Partner From fitness to nutrition to financial health, their programs offer something for everyone. Learn about cancer prevention at a lunch and learn. Create a goal to drink more water. Join a group challenge to eat healthy over the holidays. Whatever change you’re looking to make, they’re there to support you. 

RSA: The RSA is a non-profit organization that brings residents' spouses together for social events 

Narrative Medicine: The Story, Health, & Healing Initiative