Director's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in our fellowship training program which was established in 1987 and has a number of strengths, including a close working relationship with 12 outstanding faculty members, more than 90 NICU beds in two hospitals, active quality improvement programs at both hospitals, a strong clinical research program, and a follow-up clinic which has operated for more than 37 years. The curriculum provides a balanced training experience that will prepare you for your career in neonatology.

With regard to opportunities for scholarly accomplishments, we have ongoing research programs in:

  • The causes and prevention of brain damage in extremely low gestational age newborns
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic health of adolescents born with very low birth weight
  • Human milk feedings for very low birth weight infants
  • Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation to modify the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis

In addition, we have very active quality improvement programs at both FMC and Brenner interested individuals, the clinical fellowship can be combined with a Masters of Science (MS) in Clinical and Population Translational Sciences.

Our faculties are strongly committed to providing fellows with a well-rounded and comprehensive training experience. I hope you will give strong consideration to applying to our program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 336-716-4663 or email to:

Jennifer B. Helderman, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Program Director, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Training Program