High School and College Students

Programs for High School Students

We host one teen summer volunteer program, as we prepare for the upcoming academic year. Individuals interested in volunteering opportunities may contact the office of volunteer services at 336-713-3514.

Additional programs for high school students available from the School of Medicine include:

YMCA Health Career Achievers Program
This program is designed to recruit, educate, and prepare high school students for careers in the health professions.

High School Summer research Exposure Program
Offering high school students an experience in regenerative medicine with cutting-edge biomedical research, tools and technologies, educational and career opportunities in a team-based environment.

Programs for College Students

For individuals with a career goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist, a summer internship provides an opportunity for real-world experience in a healthcare graduate educational program. It also provides the chance to observe the operating room and other areas of the hospital. The internship is unpaid, but interns gain valuable experience that can help build a resume for their graduate school application, as well as benefit their career goals.

The internship is best suited for students of nursing or a related major who would like to pursue a career in intensive care with an ultimate goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist. The internship requires basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nursing procedures, since interns will maneuver the sterile environment of the operating room.

For more information, please see the application provided in the link below:

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Please note: Internship positions are limited and competitive. During the school year, we can also support internships for students who can devote at least one day per week for 12 weeks.