The Whole Body Donation Program serves the instructional needs of thousands of students and health care providers by serving as a resource for donated human bodies or tissues for medical courses and studies.

At the Center for Experiential and Applied Learning (CEAL), we owe a tremendous debt to the individuals and families who have chosen to participate in our program. Their gifts of human tissue help to save and support life by enabling current and future health care providers to gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Our mission is to improve patient care outcomes and to enhance patient safety by providing hands-on training for:

  • Our hospital professional staff
  • Our students
  • Visiting health care professionals

Whole-body donations enable courses, procedure-training events and research studies that help health care providers to:

  • Develop or advance new therapeutic procedures
  • Save lives
  • Develop new medical devices
  • Develop new methods of treatment to lengthen and improve patients’ quality of life

Cadavers are a fundamental requirement for medical or physician assistant students learning anatomy. They are also vital for experienced doctors and other health care providers to develop or practice clinical skills and procedures that improve patient treatment outcomes and for answering challenging medical research questions. First responders providing medical aid for local and regional law enforcement teams, as well as military personnel and medics, also benefit from hands-on training in the center.

On behalf of all of our learners and all of their patients, we want to thank you for considering this significant way of leaving a legacy to improve the health care of future generations.