The study of the human body plays an invaluable role in medical education. Donors to Wake Forest School of Medicine are essential in providing students and health care practitioners with a trainingEvery Body Gives Hope experience that technology can’t replicate, which translates into better care and better outcomes.

We owe a tremendous debt to the individuals and families who have chosen to participate in this program. We also welcome your questions and concerns as you consider this important choice.

What is Whole Body Donation?

The Whole Body Donation Program at Wake Forest School of Medicine serves the instructional needs of our students and current providers by facilitating the use of donated human bodies for teaching purposes. The program enables current and future health care providers to gain invaluable hands-on experience, whether in preparing to treat patients of today or those of tomorrow.

Whole-body donations enable courses, procedure-training events and research studies that help health care providers to:

  • Develop or advance new therapeutic procedures
  • Save lives
  • Develop new medical devices
  • Develop new methods of treatment to lengthen and improve patients’ quality of life

First responders providing medical aid for local and regional law enforcement teams, as well as military personnel and medics, also benefit from hands-on training in the center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your consideration and for your willingness to impact health care in a positive and powerful way. We appreciate the generosity of this gift. If you have additional questions, please call 336-716-4369

Pre-enrollment Process

The pre-enrollment process is simple, and will help your next of kin and health care providers to fulfill your wishes:

  1. Complete the Whole Body Donation Pre-Registry Application. Submission of the application signifies intent to donate, but it’s not a requirement. A confirmation letter will be sent upon acceptance of your application that you can share with your family and/or medical providers.

  2. Fill out the enclosed Donor Card and keep it on your person or with your other end-of-life documents to help convey your wishes to the people who will make those decisions for you.

  3. At the time of death, the appointed representative will contact the Whole Body Donation program at 336-716-4369. We will do a brief assessment by phone to determine the current condition and help your family or representative with the logistics and next steps.

  4. Upon acceptance, the next of kin or authorized representative will be asked to sign a release form that provides direction regarding the disposition of remains. Once that form is provided to staff, the family or funeral service may contact the program to arrange transport. 


Download the Pre-Enrollment Application