Resident Reflections

Jennifer Leigh Andrews, MD "The people; it's as simple as that. As soon as I had my interview meet and greet, I knew this was the place that felt most like home. My co-residents have become family, and they are incredible people and physicians. The faculty here is also unparalleled. I truly couldn't imagine being anywhere else. You get amazing training from great surgeons at a large academic institution while still operating like crazy.", Jennifer Andrews, MD
Brice Austin Blum, MD "I chose Wake Forest because of the supportive culture that I saw on my interview day.  It also is a large academic center that performs a wide variety of surgeries.  I will be exposed to many operations which will prepare me for anything the future can throw at me.", Brice Blum, MD
Chandler Fletcher Cox III, MD "After eight years in Winston-Salem for both undergrad and medical school, I am excited to spend at least one more year at Wake Forest. I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Winston over the years and now consider North Carolina home! Following a preliminary year in general surgery, I plan on pursuing a career in emergency medicine.", Fletcher Cox, MD
Benjamin Michael Daniel, MD
"Combining the value of a great variety of cases and case volume in the interventional radiology program with a procedurally minded diagnostic radiology program and a great introduction to surgical medicine through a well respected general surgery intern year made ranking this place number one for the categorical IR program position a no-brainer.", Ben Daniel, MD
Olivia Eve Fukui, MD
"Wake is the perfect blend of both excellent surgical skills training as well as academic and research opportunities. The department and faculty are incredibly supportive of residents' career interests, whether that be fellowship oriented or general practice. Each and every attending and fellow I've interacted with has a vested interested in teaching, the residency program, and our overall success.", Olivia Fukui, MD 
Ian Michael Brastauskas, MD
"Simply put the people and the environment. The program is structured to help you become the best you can be. The graduated responsibilities and case loads are fantastic.", Ian Brastauskas, MD
Veronica Morgan Jones, MD
"The very safe level of autonomy and the family feel that I got from the residents on my interview were super attractive to me. I wanted to spend my 5 years learning surgery with folks that I could call friends for life and from attendings that truly enjoy teaching.", V. Morgan Jones
Alison Jean Lehane, MD
"During my away rotation at Wake Forest as a fourth-year med student, I saw first hand how incredible the group of residents are.  Not only are they great doctors and well-trained technically, but they are wonderful people to be around in general! The culture amongst residents, attendings, nurses, and OR staff is fantastic; truly like a family and it fosters a great learning environment for everyone.", Alison Lehane, MD
Megan Elizabeth Lundy, MD
"I came to Wake because of the people.  Attendings and residents were clearly proud of the institution and their training here.  The location offers a broad range of pathology given the urban and rural communities served with socioeconomic diversity.", Megan Lundy, MD
Bigyan Babu Mainali, MD
"I had a blast during the interview here. I also know it's a great place to train, has a superb culture of professionalism and inclusivity, and has a robust academic presence internationally.", Bigyan Mainali, MD
Nima Pourhabibi Zarandi, MD
"I chose Wake Forest Surgery Residency Program because it offers a lot to a resident. While I was doing research at the Regenerative Medicine department, I noticed how much the surgery program leadership cares about research and provides a variety of opportunities and support to the residents to be able to pursue their research endeavors. In addition, the dedication of the attendings to teaching and training capable residents, while providing a great facility at the medical center like the C.A.L. is what any surgery resident would like to have during his/her training. On top of those, while I was doing rotations with the surgery department, I appreciated the collegial environment between the attendings and the residents, and how all the residents are supportive of each other, and this camaraderie among the people in the surgery department was the one thing that you could not find easily everywhere. This is why I chose Wake, and I am absolutely happy about it.", Nima Zarandi, MD
Justin Manuel Refugia, MD
"I value the culture of dedication to the personal and professional growth that permeates the teams at Wake.", Justin Refugia, MD
Elizabeth Caroline Wood, MD
"I greatly enjoyed my interview day at Wake, as well as the interview dinner the night before. I was very impressed with the speakers they had on the interview day that focused on diversity and wellness. Wake is a strong academic medical center with limitless career opportunities and connections that also maintains an incredible spirit and a supportive family atmosphere.", Elizabeth Wood, MD