Cancer Biology Fellowship Curriculum

Educational Opportunities

Postdoctoral fellows and trainees have the opportunity to experience cutting-edge science and present their own research in multiple settings such as:

  • Weekly departmental seminar series
  • Faculty-directed research in the Comprehensive Cancer Center seminar series
  • Monthly seminar series in which mock interview presentations to peers and invited faculty are held
  • Topic-based tutorials covering a wide range of topics from cell biology, DNA damage and repair to nanomedicine
  • Quarterly one-on-on meetings with program directors
  • Mentorship with an advisor for career-related questions

Postdoctoral Community

The Cancer Biology postdoctoral trainees are part of the postdoctoral community that is organized by the recently established Office of Postdoctoral Affairs of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

This office further supports postdoctoral trainees in their career choices and promotes scientific and professional training opportunities.

A recently developed handbook expresses the expectations and responsibilities for a postdoctoral fellow at Wake Forest University. A Web-based professional development site informs postdoctoral fellows on upcoming events on different scientific and professional topics.

The Postdoctoral Affairs office further enables interactions between the Graduate School-wide postdoctoral body. The Postdoctoral Association plans and organizes get-togethers for postdoctoral trainees, invites speakers for a postdoctoral-specific seminar series and organizes a postdoctoral-specific Web site.

E-mail for further information.