The Cancer Biology Fellowship program allows “transition to independence” for fellows pursuing advanced training in Cancer Biology.

This program, which is supported by our training grant, will provide two years of postdoctoral support under a chosen advisor and one year of independent research in the position of an instructor. The position as an instructor in the department will provide the fellow the opportunity to write grant application as the primary investigator.

Why Train at Wake Forest?

It is our goal to ensure each fellow’s success during their time at Wake Forest School of Medicine. To do so, we provide each fellow:

  • A support team consisting of a research advisor and career mentor which meet with fellows quarterly to discuss career and research goals
  • Annual grant writing workshops to help fellows create stronger grants in order to obtain the funding needed for research projects
  • Dedicated career fairs and national meetings to give fellows exposure and platforms to share their research

Research Areas

Research is a major focus for fellows, especially in their third year of the program. Available research projects within the program focus on:

  • Cellular damage and metabolism
  • Cell growth and survival
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Aberrant signaling pathways in tumor cells
  • Molecular cancer epidemiology
  • Cancer Prevention and Control