Medical genetics is one of the most rapidly advancing fields of medicine, and molecular genetics is now integral to all aspects of biomedical science. Every physician who practices in the 21st century must have an in-depth knowledge of the principles of human genetics and their application to a wide variety of clinical problems.

Medical Genetics at Wake Forest School of Medicine follows the teaching guidelines set by American Society of Human Genetics and the Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics regarding medical genetics knowledge, skills, and behaviors that all current medical students will need during their careers as physicians.

Medical Genetic Lectures and Workshops Offered:

  • First year medical students at Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • Residents and students at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Fellows and residents in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Pathology
  • Graduate students
  • Genetic counseling students
  • Other health care providers, medical students, residents, regional schools, colleges/universities, and the lay public at Wake Forest School of Medicine/North Carolina Baptist Hospital and surrounding areas of Western North Carolina
  • New physicians or public health clinics expressing an interest in participating in our MSAFP Screening and State Genetics Program

Additional Offerings:

  • Literature regarding various genetic conditions associated with maternal serum screening (as requested)
  • Core curriculum lectures and bedside teaching to medical students rotating through Pediatrics (or Genetics) and to any student/resident with an interest in Genetics
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