About Me

I am a molecular geneticist with the primary interest of identifying and understanding genetic and epigenetic contributors to complex diseases. My research has historically focused on genetic variation and numerous complex diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease, asthma and stroke. More recently, my research interests have shifted toward epigenetics, specifically DNA methylation, and its variation in complex diseases and traits. The traits of interest include those mentioned above, in addition to the effects of environmental exposures and behavior (e.g., pesticides, anxiety), and the potential genome/epigenome x environment interactions that may exist. I work mostly with human populations but also have experience with non-human primates, such as cynomolgus, rhesus and vervet monkeys.

Educational Program Involvement

Molecular Genetics and Genomics PhD
Program Research Interest: Identification of genetic variants that contribute to complex disease, Gene-environment interactions, Epigenetics, Genetic epidemiology, Bioinformatics

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology PhD
Program Research Interest: Signal transduction in cancer and inflammation
Nucleic acid metabolism in cancer and inflammation, Redox biology, Metabolic diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis

Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology PhD
Program Research Interest: 
Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Cardiovascular Physiology and Hypertension, Regenerative Medicine, Neuro- and Behavioral Pharmacology, Cancer Therapeutics Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Lifespan Physiology.

Molecular Medicine and Translational Science PhD Program Research Interest: Analytical approaches to molecular and cellular synthesis, structure and function, Genetics and gene regulation, Cell communications, Organ systems, Pathophysiology