Nathan Baker ('19), MMS, PA-C

The Department of PA Studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine is excited to welcome its newest faulty member, Nathan Bates (’19), MMS, PA-C.

“I am originally from rural northern Minnesota where the mosquitoes are hardy and the winters are cold,” said Bates. “And yes, I am a Vikings fan till the end.” 

Despite his love for summer lake-life filled with kayaking, fishing and sailing, Bates ventured south for a respite from Minnesota winters to attend Lee University in Cleveland, TN, where he received a bachelor of science in health sciences along with a minor in biology.

New PA Studies faculty member Nathan Bates and his wife, Kaylee“I later got married to my high school sweetheart, Kaylee, and moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains where I attended PA school at Wake Forest University as member of the Boone cohort in 2017,” said Bates. “Being part of this close-knit group fostered a strong team-based approach while navigating the challenges of PA school.”

Bates’ experience at Wake PA led to relationships that have carried over into the professional world. “After graduating in May of 2019,” he said, “I found my interests spreading further into the facilitation of learning for aspiring PAs and pursued roles in both clinical practice and academia.”

According to Bates, Wake PA is a one-of-a-kind program that is committed to pursuing excellence and demonstrates continual innovation that extends beyond the walls of the department. “I am fortunate to be a part of such an exceptional team and look forward to contributing to Wake PA’s selfless mission,” he said. In addition to being a new faculty member, Bates will also be working at a local health department and delivering primary care services to the surrounding area. “I enjoy the dynamics of rural communities,” he said, “and I admire the inherent intimacy that manifests in a variety of ways.”

Nathan and Kaylee are thrilled to be in Boone and frequently find themselves volunteering, biking, hiking, rock climbing and enjoying the cool mountain rivers in their free time.