The NCTIC encompasses the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Academic Strategic plan to foster research, education, and faculty development. The NCTIC will provide mentoring and education for the next generation of neuroscience researchers and clinical faculty with a primary focus on the design and development of successful neurologic clinical trials and translations of promising interventions into clinical practice.

The center includes funds for pilot trials, mentoring and consultation for clinical trial designs of all types, development of tools to streamline clinical trial enrollment and administrative support to coordinate collaborative activates, such as seminars, journal clubs, and grand rounds.

Center Goals

  • To develop new collaborations among interdisciplinary translational neuroscience research teams
  • To foster the design of new multi-center clinical trials 
  • To submit trials through StrokeNet, NeuroNext, or Trial Innovation Network 
  • To write and submit new program project grants
  • To develop innovative operations for neuroscience clinical trials 

Our Mission

To provide a platform for design and development of multi-center trials of neurologic disorders, thereby bridging the gaps between basic science and clinical interventions, pilot studies and multi-center trials, and models of care into real-world implementation.