Our faculty conducts clinical research to better understand the causes of and best treatments for hypertension and vascular disease.

Clinical Research Training

Our team develops programs for medical students and residents/fellows interested in learning about ongoing clinical research and trial opportunities. We offer training in diagnostic tests for vascular compliance, central pressures, indices of autonomic function and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Interested undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral fellows and transfers are exposed to three areas of clinic activities:

  • Clinical research protocols
  • Data management
  • Community outreach programs

For those with an interest in clinical research, our training program includes:

  • Training sessions for protocol development and implementation
  • Shadowing research coordinators for recruitment and patient scheduling
  • Experience with legal and ethical aspects of clinical research
  • Experience in non-invasive hemodynamic testing of vascular health and autonomic function. (Clinical investigators have access to these tests for patient management and research studies.)

We are not satisfied with performing the latest and best treatments. We believe our team also has a responsibility to be actively involved in cardiovascular research and vascular and heart clinical trials through the following areas.