The response of the research enterprise to COVID-19 has been agile and multi-faceted. With more than 50 active or completed IRB-approved studies plus basic and preclinical projects, Wake Forest School of Medicine is leading the regional response and actively participating in national and global COVID-19 efforts. Broadly defined, these projects can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Therapeutic Trials
  • Protecting Health Care Workers
  • Community-focused Projects
  • Disease Characteristics and Treatment Trends
  • Predictors of COVID-19 in Cohorts

If you are interested in participating in clinical trials with Wake Forest Baptist Health, visit our Be Involved page to learn more about what opportunities currently exist. This list of summaries and publications is not comprehensive and represents a portion of Wake Forest's research on COVID-19.

Research Study Summaries

These studies will enhance our knowledge base of the susceptibility, treatment and prevention of COVID-19 in the communities we serve and beyond. This page will be regularly updated with additional projects.

Therapeutic Trials

Leading or participating in emerging treatments so that we offer patients the very best options.

Protecting Health Care Workers

Working to discover safer practices and better tools to improve the ways we protect our health care providers.

Community-focused Projects

Safeguarding our local community with our academic, research and clinical assets.

Disease Characteristics and Treatment Trends

Analyzing large sets of data to identify new and unexplored questions so that we can make the best recommendations for standard of care or prevention.

Predictors of COVID-19 in Cohorts

Exploring how this novel virus may impact special populations and patients with unique circumstances.