Due to rising cases of COVID-19 in the region, the DEAC Clinic event, A Night in the Quarter will be held virtually on March 4, 2022. 

The virtual event will include an online auction of items from local businesses and statements from student providers on the impact the clinic has on the community.

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About the DEAC Clinic 

The student-run and physician-staffed DEAC Clinic serves those who have no insurance and are ineligible for Medicaid. DEAC gives students valuable clinical experience, faculty an opportunity to teach and the underserved a safe place to receive free care – routine office visits, lab work, medications, mobile screenings and more.

Support from the community allows DEAC to give to the community.

$250 = yearly costs for basic labs and blood draws.
$100 = lifesaving breathing treatments.
$50 = diabetes monitoring for patients.