Wake Forest University

Rebecca Alexander
Redox Interest: Mechanisms of protein synthesis

Ulrich Bierbach
Redox Interest: Novel platinating chemotherapeutics and their interactions with DNA and enzymes

Patricia Dos Santos
Redox Interest: Bacterial sulfur metabolsim, mechanisms of iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis

Daniel Kim-Shapiro
Redox Interest: Nitrogen oxide regulation in blood flow and storage

Bruce King
Redox Interest: ROS and RNS in redox mechanisms of chemotherapy and signaling

John Lukesh
Redox Interest: Selenium and sulfur in novel chemotherapeutics

Glen Marrs
Redox Interest: Imaging of neural systems that control behavioral aggression using wolf spider as a model organism

Gloria Muday
Redox Interest: Flavonols and ROS in plant growth and development

Fred Salsbury
Redox Interest: Computational modeling or redox protein structure and dynamics

William Turkett
Redox Interest: Bioinformatic approaches to analyze redox-sensitive proteins

Ke Zhang
Redox Interest: Epigenetic mechanisms of pathophysiology; yeast model system

Other Affiliated Faculty

Sharon Campbell
Biochemistry and Biophysics, UNC - Chapel Hill

Chemistry, A & T 

Ines Batinic Haberle
Cancer Biology, Duke University
Melissa Kemp
Biomedical Engineering, GA Tech 

Richard Loeser
Department of Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill 

Francis Miller
Department of Medicine, Duke University 

Robert Newman
Biology, NC A & T

Melissa Srougi
Molecular Biotechnology, NC State

Andrew Wommack  
Chemistry, High Point University