About Me

Research Laboratory

Nader Lab - Combining behavioral models of drug abuse in monkeys with brain imaging to better understand the effects of drugs of abuse.

Research Contributions

Center for Neurobiology of Addiction Treatment - Funded by NIDA at Wake Forest School of Medicine in 1991, the Center for Neurobiology of Addiction Treatment (CNAT) provides a multidisciplinary mechanism of interaction between investigators and students in the field of drug abuse research.

Educational Program Involvement

Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology PhD 
Program Research Interest: Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Cardiovascular Physiology and Hypertension, Regenerative Medicine, Neuro- and Behavioral Pharmacology, Cancer Therapeutics Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Lifespan Physiology. 

Graduate Programs in Neuroscience
Program Research Interest:
Addiction and Substance Abuse, Behavioral and Systems Neurobiology, Development and Plasticity, Molecular Neurobiology, Neurological Disease and Aging, Neuropharmacology, Sensory Neurobiology