To meet the critical needs for addiction care and treatment, the Addiction Research and Clinical Health (ARCH) Master of Science program at Wake Forest University provides graduate training at the master’s level to prepare specialists in addiction services.

The ARCH program provides two track options: a clinical application and a research application with an emphasis on neuroscience.

ARCH integrates student learning and research experiences throughout our medical community. The program, considered the first of its kind, is perfectly suited for the innovative environment at Wake Forest and is helping to create a workforce that will make a direct impact on the addiction crises faced by our patients, our community, and our nation.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide evidence-based integrated care effectively and ethically
  • Value diversity, life-long learning, self-awareness, and personal growth
  • Champion empathy, multicultural competencies, and the highest quality of skills
  • Base care on treating others with dignity and respect

ARCH welcomes students from multiple disciplines, and can enhance the likelihood for further advanced studies in psychology, counseling, social work, medicine, or nursing, as well as provide opportunities for those who already hold an advanced degree and want to pursue further addiction specialized education.