Godwin Lab Members

Dorothy Dobbins, Msc, Graduate student, PhD
Interests: optogenetics, etoh withdrawal mediated hyperexcitability

Emily Rogers, Msc, Neurology Predoctoral Fellow
Interests: epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, magnetoencephalography

Hailey Egido-Betancourt, Graduate student, PhD
Interests: molecular regulation of neuronal excitability

Dr. Hong Qu Shan, Research Associate
Interests: modulation of voltage-gated channels, data analysis

Dr. Jennifer Stapleton-Kotloski, Research Associate
Interests: epilepsy, magnetoencephalography

Dr. David Klorig, Instructor, Research Associate
Interests: optogenetics, normal and pathological brain rhythmns, computational modeling

Thuy Smith, Laboratory Technician
Interests: molecular, electrophysiological, and behavioral neuroscience

Lab Alumni

Allison Goldstein, Graduate student, Masters
Interests: etoh withdrawal seizure

Dr. Rasesh Joshi, Graduate student, MD/PhD
Interests: epilepsy, infraslow oscillations and seizure susceptibility

Dr. Greg Alberto, Graduate student, MD/PhD
Interests: etoh withdrawal seizure, optogenetics, magnetoencephalography

Dr. Melissa Masicampo, Postdoctoral Researcher
Interests: etoh withdrawal seizure

Dr. Doris Molina, Postdoctoral Researcher
Interests: etoh withdrawal seizure

Dr. Melissa Riegle, Graduate Student, PhD
Interests: etoh withdrawal seizure

Dr. John Graef, Graduate Student, PhD
Interests: modulation of T-type calcium channels by ethanol

Dr. Erin Hodgin, Graduate Student, PhD
Interests: corticothalamic feedback, epilepsy

Dr. Tiffany Huitt, Postdoctoral Researcher
Interests: ethanol influences on sleep

Dr. Walter Wiggins, Graduate student, MD/PhD
Interests: mechanisms of seizure

Dr. James Hammarback, Research Assistant Professor
Interests: molecular biology of voltage-gated channels