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Through support from the National Institutes of Health, we are developing novel forms of non-invasive brain stimulation treatment to assist patients with recovery from various neurological and psychiatric conditions. We are currently evaluating Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a tool to help individuals quit smoking, decrease their alcohol consumption, decrease stimulant use, and aid in recovery from chronic pain.

Colleen Ann Hanlon, PhD

Colleen A. Hanlon, PhD
Professor, Principal Investigator

I am privileged to have a career devoted to learning and creating new knowledge. I believe it is our obligation to share this knowledge with the next generation of clinicians and scientists, patients and their families.

Current Members

Hilary Smith, BA
Lab Manager
Maya Clamp, MS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Kaitlin Kinney, MS
Neuroscience PhD Student
Matthew Reagan, BS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Claudia Costa, MS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Miracle Collier, BA
Ashley Maxime, MS
Clinical Research Coordinator
Danielle Fliegel
Undergraduate- Intern
Clare Myeroff
Undergraduate Intern
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